Britney Spears' Madonna show

Britney Spears wants Madonna to join her on her upcoming 'Circus' tour. Wade Robson - who is choreographing the 27-year-old singer's comeback shows - has revealed Britney is keen for her 50-year-old idol to join her on stage at one of her concerts.

He said:

"I'm choreographing and set-designing Britney's tour. There has been talk of Madonna making an appearance, and there's so many place we could take that. At this point, the main issue is timing." This would not be the first time Britney and Madonna have appeared on stage together.

They famously locked lips at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, and Britney also performed 'Human Nature' with Madonna as part of her 'Sticky and Sweet' world tour last month. It was recently reported Britney's tour, to support her new LP 'Circus', is inspired by her breakdown, and will see the mother-of-two flee to the circus before emerging from the end of a rainbow following a thunderstorm.

A source said: "Britney is well aware of what a roller coaster she has been on. She thought the best metaphor to use would be the circus. Fans get to travel with her through her fall from grace and her eventual rehabilitation."

Britney, 27, famously went off the rails following the end of her marriage to Kevin Federline. She shaved her head in February 2007 and was hospitalised several times - most famously in January of this year when she refused to return sons Sean Preston, three, and Jayden James, two, to their father.

Since then, Britney's dad Jamie has taken on co-conservatorship of her affairs and she has begun to turn her life and career around. 'The Circus Starring Britney Spears' begins in New Orleans on March 3.
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Katy Perry: Britney Spears "Not on Top of My List"

Britney Spears is a wanted woman.

Oprah Winfrey says she wants Britney Spears to be on her show. Madonna loves working with Spears. And now fans have made the comeback pop princess' new album, Circus, a hit.

So you’d think that fellow pop rocker Katy Perry would jump at the chance to work with Brit, right? Well, actually, no.

"She wouldn't be the girl I would collaborate with necessarily," Perry said Saturday at KIIS-FM’s Jingle Ball concert outside of L.A. "She's not on the top of my list. There are other people I'd much rather work with first. I love John Legend's record. So how about I collaborate with him?"

But Perry knows never to say never, explaining she needs some face time with Spears before making any final calls. "I work with people I love," Perry said. "I only work with them if I love them. If we click, we click, but if we clash, we clash...So I’d have to see. I'd have to meet [Spears]."

Meanwhile, Perry is taking the high road when it comes to the Grammys. Much to everyone's surprise, she received only one nomination: Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her megahit "I Kissed a Girl." No doubt she should have also gotten noms for Best New Artist and Record of the Year.

"This is my first year being up for nominations, so I'm just happy that I even got the one nod," Perry said. "I mean, I could have been left with no nominations!"
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Britney Spears Sings Silent Night

Check out this new clip of Britney Spears attempting to sing Christmas carols — “The Christmas Song (Chesnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)” and “Silent Night”.

Ellen made fun of Brit’s singing skills. She joked, “I had to keep teaching her about harmony.”

The entire segment airs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, December 16.

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Britney Spears Rocks New York Nightclub With Circus-Themed Birthday Party

She's got a Circus theme for her album, her tour, her "Good Morning America" appearance and even her birthday party.

For her 27th birthday bash in New York on Tuesday night, Britney Spears turned nightclub Tenjune into a three-ring circus. Brit showed up in a low-cut Roberto Cavalli cocktail dress, with her hair done up loosely. The party was attended by her mom, Lynne, as well as celebrities like Ciara, Lance Bass and Jeremy Piven.

The party was featured jugglers, a man on stilts and carnival concessions like hot dogs and popcorn, according to Outside, circus images were projected onto a screen.

Spears told "Entertainment Tonight" her simple birthday wish: "A million more wishes!"

"I've definitely known her for a long time and it's been amazing to see the career she's had," Lance Bass told "ET" outside the party. "It's going to be an amazing career for her. It's great when people do themes to their albums."

Fellow partygoer Ciara was also excited to spend Britney's big day with her, and was hesitant to label Circus a comeback record. "I was actually watching her interview the other day where she said she doesn't like the word 'comeback,' so I won't say that," she told ET. "But, I'm happy her album is coming out. She's taking us into her circus and I'm enjoying it."

"It's going to be great to see her," Bass added. "I'm so proud of her. I'm really happy. I don't think she went anywhere. I think the album is amazing. I'm already falling in love with it."

As she was presented with a circus-themed birthday cake, Barry Weiss, CEO and president of Jive Records, Brit's label, told the singer, "We are so proud and so happy to be a part of your life. Looking at your two boys today, it's an amazing experience."
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Britney Spears Goes Christmas Caroling

Britney Spears spreads a little holiday cheer by Christmas caroling in Los Angeles on Friday with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. (One more pic at US Weekly.)

The pop princess, who celebrated her 27th birthday last week under the Big Top, will have her holiday segment air on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, Dec. 16.

Other pictures include Britney performing “Circus” and “Womanizer” during Good Morning America in New York City last Tuesday. Sorry for the delay!

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Britney Spears on “Good Morning America”: Tales From the Circus’ Front Row

Britney Spears made her return to network television this morning, performing “Circus” and “Womanizer” from her new album Circus (out today) on Good Morning America, and two of your Rock Daily editors were lucky enough to win front-row tickets to the Big Apple Circus spectacular via Spears’ Website. So what didn’t you see on national TV while we munched on red velvet birthday cake and wooed on command? Keep reading for photos from the scene and more.

• Longtime Spears choreographer Wade Robson stepped onto the stage before the cameras rolled, checking out the cage from which dancers emerged during “Circus.” Her manager, Larry Rudolph, did a similar walk-through before “Womanizer.”

• Spears’ sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, were carried in and out of the arena several times by beefy bodyguards. Fans screamed their names, and Jayden waved to the crowd from his seat next to Britney’s mom, Lynne. He later bopped a bodyguard on the head with the “Britney Spears/Happy Birthday” sign he was clutching.

• Fans went nuts when the lights went down and Spears got on top of the cage for the start of “Circus.” Though she was crouched in position and concentrating hard, she gave a little wave and smile to people on either side of the stage.

• A stagehand armed with a fire extinguisher crouched next to the stage, ready to douse the flames on the circle Spears’ stepped through at the start of “Womanizer.”

• An army of men in trenchcoats and earpieces roamed the premises to ensure Brit’s safety. The one in front of us scrunched down to avoid blocking sightlines during “Womanizer” and got a special tap on the head from a dancer perched nearby.

• Attendees were given samples of Britney’s fragrances upon entering, and clown noses from the Big Apple Circus on the way out.

• The crew of fans dressed like Britney were relocated for their interview with Sam Champion and sent back to their seats for the performance. The rest of the crowd chuckled during their chat.

• To pass the time between segments, clowns from the Big Apple Circus roamed the crowd, tossing beach balls and performing a few hat tricks.

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Britney Spears Glamour cover January 2009

did it again! She returned with her perfect body, sweet face and blond hair.</p>

graces January issue of magazine in white shirt. She has light makeup and dishevelled hair.

She looks awake and fresh. But so nice and innocent.

In the Magazine interview, pop singer talks about her life during this crazy year and trying to set a good instance for her sons.

She will present her album Circus, new aroma Hidden Fantasy on her birthday, December 2.</p>

Britney Spears Glamour magazine January 2009

More Britney Spears pictures from Glamour

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Happy Birthday Britney!

And this is the day! Pop princess and comeback artist of the year is celebrating her 27th birthday today! Congrats! </p>

Britney says it was a crazy year but in 2008 she proved she’s still on top and she’s ready to win back her pop sensation status.

Her sixth studio album Circus is released today and she’s going on her first world tour for the last four years. Good luck to you Britney!

Other December 2 birthdays girls are:

Charlie’s Angels , born in 1968.

Comedian Sarah Silverman, born in1970

Songstress , born in 1978

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Britney’s European weekend

had a pretty busy weekend hitting venues in France and Britain. On Friday November, 28 Brit Brit performed ‘Womanizer’ on French Star Academy and then headed to London to hit X Factor on Saturday to perform the song and start early celebration of her b-day. </p>

It was the first time for the last 5 years that Britney had a performance in Great Britain, and her show helped X Factor attract its highest audience of 12.8million.

Watch Britney perform…

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Britney Spears's perfume

According to, Brintey Spears will have a new perfume.

Britney Spears wants us to smell like her so she will launch a new fragrance in the upcoming months most likely in December, when Britney will release her new album Circus.

The fragrance might be called Hidden Fantasy (not confirmed) and it will be created by Elizabeth Arden.

The bottle of Hidden Fantasy is the same as the previous two, only difference is the color red on it. The perfume has a cherry scent with a hint of vanilla.

The bottle of Hidden Fantasy is the same as the previous two, only difference is the color red on it. The perfume has a cherry scent with a hint of vanilla.

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