December 13th, 2008

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Katy Perry: Britney Spears "Not on Top of My List"

Britney Spears is a wanted woman.

Oprah Winfrey says she wants Britney Spears to be on her show. Madonna loves working with Spears. And now fans have made the comeback pop princess' new album, Circus, a hit.

So you’d think that fellow pop rocker Katy Perry would jump at the chance to work with Brit, right? Well, actually, no.

"She wouldn't be the girl I would collaborate with necessarily," Perry said Saturday at KIIS-FM’s Jingle Ball concert outside of L.A. "She's not on the top of my list. There are other people I'd much rather work with first. I love John Legend's record. So how about I collaborate with him?"

But Perry knows never to say never, explaining she needs some face time with Spears before making any final calls. "I work with people I love," Perry said. "I only work with them if I love them. If we click, we click, but if we clash, we clash...So I’d have to see. I'd have to meet [Spears]."

Meanwhile, Perry is taking the high road when it comes to the Grammys. Much to everyone's surprise, she received only one nomination: Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her megahit "I Kissed a Girl." No doubt she should have also gotten noms for Best New Artist and Record of the Year.

"This is my first year being up for nominations, so I'm just happy that I even got the one nod," Perry said. "I mean, I could have been left with no nominations!"